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Falafel in a Pita

Falafel balls in a pita/tortilla.

Topped with salads of your choice.

70 DH

Sabich in a Pita

Fried eggplant, hard-boiled egg in a pita/tortilla.

Topped with salads of your choice.

70 DH

Shawarma-Style Tuna

A tortilla filled with tuna chunks,

toasted in a special shawarma spices blend.

Topped with salads of your choice.

70 DH

Hummus Plate

Homemade hummus spread, tahini, olive oil, 

green schug, hard-boiled egg and parsley. 

Served with 2 pitas, onion, lemon sauce, 

green chilli pepper and pickles.

110 DH

Shakshuka Pan

Eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes.

Served with challah bread or a baguette,

a small green salad, tahini, olives and green schug.

100 DH

Falafel Plate

Six Falafel balls, hummus spread,

tahini, green schug and pickles.

Served with salads of your choice,

french fries and a pita.

120 DH

Sabich Plate

Hummus spread, tahini, olive oil,

hard-boiled egg, fried eggplant,

Two falafel balls and parsley.

Served with a pita,

salads of your choice and green schug.

120 DH

Sababa Breakfast

Two eggs of your choice:

plain omelette/ vegetable omelette/

scrambled omelette/ boiled eggs.

Served with baguette/ challah bread,

olives and vegetables salad.

Sauces and spreads:

Tahini, tuna in mayonnaise, pesto,

eggplant spread, amlou.

Coffee/tea, pastry,

orange juice /bottle of water.

120 DH

Nicoise salad

Lettuce, hard-boiled egg, tomato,

cucumber, tuna, potatoes, beans, red onion.

Served with a toasted bread and olive tapenade.

120 DH

Mediterranean Salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, 

chickpea, boiled egg. 

Served with tahini and a toasted bread.

Large 90 DH

Small 45 DH

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna salad with mayonnaise, 

lettuce, tomato and pickle.

70 DH

Omelette Sandwich

Plain omelette or vegetable omelette of two eggs,

mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

70 DH

French Fries

Homemade fried potato sticks,

Served with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Large 40 DH

Small 25 DH

Falafel Balls

The price is for

One falafel ball.

5 DH

Pita Sababa

Homemade pita. 

The price is for one pita.

10 DH

Coffee and Pastry

The pastry varies

40 DH


Cold vegan milk pudding dessert.

Served with a sweet red syrup,

peanuts and coconut flakes.

40 DH



25 DH

Ristretto (Strong Coffee)

Short, thick and aromatic espresso coffee

and a small bottle of water (250ml).

25 DH


Concentrated, strong espresso coffee

with a thin layer of foam and a small bottle of wat er (250ml).

40 DH

Double Espresso

A double amount of espresso coffee

with a thin layer of foam and a small bottle of water (250ml).

25 DH


Espresso coffee with double the amount of water

and fine foam + a small bottle of water (250ml).

30 DH

Cappuccino / Latte Coffee (Vegan milk)

Concentrated espresso coffee with a hot vegan milk froth

and a small bottle of water (250ml).

20 DH

Mint Tea

Boiled water with mint, with or without tea bag.

30 DH

Black Coffee (Elite)

Premium Turkish black coffee (Mud).

5 DH

Extra milk (Vegan)

Creamy hot vegan milk foam.


Spring water 330ml

8 DH

Spring water 500ml

13 DH

Orange juice glass 330m

15 DH


15 DH


15 DH


15 DH

Sparkling water

15 DH

Hawaii (Tropical drink)

18 DH

Poms (Apple juice)

19 DH


20 DH

Lemon Schweppes

20 DH

Bon Appétit

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